Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Reflections on 2011

Hello Dear Readers,

I'm sorry it's been so long since I've written anything. God, Sri Lanka was almost 6 months ago! School, work and life have kept me busy. But I thought I'd take the time to reflect on the past year.

Although 2011 hasn't been quite as dramatic as last year (Moving to Chile! Earthquakes! Tsunamis! Argentina! Theft!) There have been some major developments in my life this year. Basically, school has been the main priority for me in 2011. I know, boring. But I did make time for a few other things...

2011 was good for:

1. My Career
Although I'm still in school, I will be graduating in May and I'm trying to get a head start on my career ASAP. This year has been particularly good for my burgeoning professional life. I was published here, here and here. Oh, and look for another article by moi in Tea Time Magazine sometime in 2012. I started writing for Destination Guides, a travel website, which you can check out here. I'm particularly excited to be working for DGuides, because as many of you know travel writing is sort of a dream of mine. And then, to top it all off, I scored an internship at KVVU Fox5, one of our local TV stations here in Las Vegas. This is probably the biggest departure for me, in terms of my career in journalism, but I'm so excited to get some experience in the television industry. Who knows? Maybe you'll see me on a TV near you someday...

2. Domestic (and a little International) Travel
2011 definitely can't compare with 2010 in terms of International Travel (Chile and Argentina come to mind) but I did my fare share of traveling within the U.S. this year. I started off 2011 in the amazing, always eccentric San Francisco (I will be repeating my New Year's adventures in the Bay Area this year as well) then I ended up in Austin, Texas for Spring Break (definitely my fav city in Texas). I spent some time in Wilkes Barre, PA with my family, spent the day in NYC (Oh, how I missed the city! I must spend more time there next year) and visited a number of small towns in Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, and Arizona. And OF COURSE I can't leave out the one BIG international destination of the year: Sri Lanka. Hands down the highlight of 2011 for me, our epic family adventure to my father's homeland remains the best experience of the year.

3. Friendships
When I first moved to Vegas I was so against the idea of living in this strange city that I immediately decided I wouldn't make any friends while I was here. What's the point? I thought. I already have an amazing group of girlfriends back in California, why should I engage, or, god forbid, open up, to people in this shitty town? I know, bad attitude. And it's weird, because I'm a super friendly person by nature. It was bound to happen. In 2011 I decided enough was enough, and I finally started actually enjoying my time at UNLV. I opened up, I met really cool people, and I discovered that not everyone in this town is bad. I cheered on the Rebels at basketball games, I went to pub nights with my new girlfriends, and I actually started appreciating my life, and the bizarre nature of living in a city that's created for a life of superficial fantasy. That's when I realized not everything in this town is fake.

2011 was bad for:

1. The Economy. Duh.

2. Dictators. Osama Bin Laden (thank god we finally found him... only took 10 years), Moammar Gaddafi (to the dismay of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, who had a field day with his kooky style), Hosni Mubarak, and, of course, Kim Jong Il all had a terrible year. What a pity.

3. President Obama (Although he did get to meet me, which I'm sure brightened his otherwise dismal year. But it's okay, because he'll have four more years to make it up to us! Amiright? People? Anyone?)

4. Congress (They had their lowest approval rating ever. And they deserved it, too. Let's hope they can get shit done next year.)

5. My love life. I know what you're thinking. But Aneya, isn't it always a bad year for your love life? Yes, yes it is. This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. Even though many new friendships blossomed this year for me, romance did not. I think romance died before it ever hit Vegas, probably somewhere near Barstow. Needless to say, finding a sane, reasonable man in a city where guys visit specifically to behave badly (and the men who live here seem to think they have that same sick freedom) is like finding a needle in a haystack. A dirty, sticky haystack filled with drug paraphernalia and broken beer bottles. I'm not gonna dig through it. And it's okay, because I'll be out of here soon, and my strange relations with the men of Sin City will be but a distant dream.

So all in all, I'd say 2011 was a productive year. Was it fun? Sometimes. Was it boring? Sometimes. Was it helpful, in the long run, for my life, my career, and my education? Hell yes it was!

So here's to 2012, bringing more travel, laughter, fun and joy to everyone's lives, including mine. Here's to more time with family and friends, and embracing the great big changes to come.

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  1. The only way your year could have been better was if you had more visits from me, your Older Whiter Brother! :P